Royce Pharma Manufacturing plant consists of a dedicated manufacturing facility for:

Tablet and Capsule
Liquid (Oral & External)

The manufacturing for all the above dosage forms and all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing conforms to GMP (PIC/S), ISO 9001:2008 and regulatory requirements at all times. The facility is equipped with sophisticated and robust equipments coupled with qualified personnel and strict controls to ensure consistent quality of products produced.

The annual capacity for each dosage forms are as follows:

Tablet 2.2 billion tablets
Capsules 168 billion capsules
Oral Liquid 420 million bottles
Cream 125,000kg

The manufacturing plant is equipped with the RO-CDI Water System which produces Purified Water (USP) with the generation capacity of 2m3/hour and storage capacity of 4000L to be used in our manufacturing processes.


The Engineering Team, working alongside the Production Team, the Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Team and others involved in areas of manufacture which focusses on core values of teamwork & excellent maintenance services & quality, contribute towards our company’s growth.

We provide full technical support for :

Manufacturing operation
Plant maintenance
Plant modifications
Facilities management
Product development work

Engineering performs within a of set technical guidelines (PIC/s) and provide 24/7 on-call support


At Royce, our prority is SAFETY and QUALITY. To ensure the principle is well portrayed throughout our organization, we facilitate by having a dedicated warehouse segregated for raw material, packaging material and finished product. The warehousing practices conform to the GSP requirements with excellent control in terms of security and temperature which is a requirement in PIC/S. Similar practices are extended to our transportation services to ensure the products are safe and effective throughout the supply chain.


While focusing on being a reputable pharmaceutical manufacturer, Royce is an organization which is concerned about HARMONIUOS elements in our culture. Thus it leads us to ensure safety of our environment we live in. The manufacturing plant is facilitated with the latest waste water treatment plant to ensure the waste produced after the manufacturing process which is treated prior to release to the environment which is certified by DOE standards. All chemical waste and manufacturing waste which are not treated will be disposed through scheduled waste disposal via KUALITI ALAM, a certified scheduled waste management company.

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