ROYCE Pharma Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (ROYCE Pharma) is a dynamic, vibrant, progressive pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

It is fully equipped with state of the art facilities for formulation in Research & Development, manufacturing of both pilot and commercial batches, Warehousing & Distribution and Sales & Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products.

ROYCE manufactures generic pharmaceutical products cost-effectively, to compete with both domestic manufacturers and imports. Generic pharmaceutical products are bio equivalent and therapeutic equivalent alternatives to branded drugs that have lost market exclusivity of patent protection. Since the commencement of commercial production, ROYCE has been producing and marketing over 100 products that cover the various major lines of drugs


ROYCE embraces a passion for human health, as exemplified in the twin principles of pharmacy, science and service. It pursues an uncommon commitment to transformative change. It embodies an oasis for creativity and innovation. It is internationally recognized for embracing human capital (strength in people) promoting individualism and diversity, bringing healing to the ills of society, and respecting the historical 'genetic fabric' of pharmacy. ROYCE will be a wellspring of discovery and a catalyst for change in healthcare. We are committed to push the frontiers of discovery in order to improve health and well-being.

We believe connections make everything possible. Therefore, to be Malaysia's leading health provider, we strive to provide the right services to help you enjoy life to the fullest. From the way we operate to what we intend to accomplish both on the local and international front, we apply and hold close a vision of excellence created towards making your life better.


To be a progressive healthcare company that enhances value through excellence, creating better lives, better families and better health.

If you want immediate assistance on an issue, please contact us +606 799 5999 - during office hours